10 Green Countertops

Recycled Aluminum
Aluminum scrap can mixed with a polyester resin to create a nice smooth countertop. iStock/Thinkstock

No, this isn't a countertop made out of aluminum foil. The recycled pieces are actually aluminum scrap that would otherwise be thrown away. Instead of being discarded, the material is mixed with a polyester resin to create a nice, smooth surface.

Like any product that uses a resin or some sort of binder, you want to check on the amount of VOC emissions; less is more. But it's the opposite for the aluminum itself; you want a high percentage of recycled aluminum. With some of the brands on the market today, as much as 90 percent of the aluminum is recycled.

Another selling point for recycled aluminum is that it should be able to be recycled again at the end of its life span, provided the manufacturer did not use other substances or finishes that are "less green" in the production. Again, if you do your research, you can know exactly what is in your countertop.