10 Green Kitchen Cabinet Designs

High Quality Cabinets
Even if you pay someone to install your cabinets you'll want to be up to date on green construction options.
Even if you pay someone to install your cabinets you'll want to be up to date on green construction options.
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Cabinets that are constructed well and made from good materials with low-toxicity sealants help the environment because they're easier to recycle and they last longer. That quality tends to cost more, however. There are three main things to keep in mind if you have quality cabinets built for your kitchen:

  • Materials: Your cabinet boxes, frames and shelves should be made from plywood or solid wood. The shelves should have metal clips for adjustments in shelf placement. These materials will ensure that the cabinets have a long life and will be too durable for casual replacement later on.
  • Construction: Craftsmanship goes a long way in making sure your cabinets hold up for many years. The cabinet-maker should use thicker panels for the boxes and shelves, as well as sturdy corner braces for reinforcement. There needs to be a substantial hang rail (a bracket that attaches the cabinets to the walls) and dovetail joints are preferable for drawers. Drawers should also feature thick bottom panels for durability and good slides, which will allow the drawer to function at optimal capacity.
  • Finish: Kitchens are greasy, steamy and usually experience a lot of temperature changes, so the finish needs to be free of chemicals but also long-lasting. Look for finishes that are catalyzed and/or offer UV protection. Your varnish or lacquer needs to be durable and also attractive to give the cabinets a long, low-maintenance life [source: Kitchen Cabinets].

The kitchen design options for the environmentally-friendly consumer are plentiful, especially when it comes to cabinets If you keep yourself informed and keep your eyes open for the best deals, you can make stylish, cost-effective and green updates to your home.

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