10 Green Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Waste Product Cabinets

Don't worry -- this idea doesn't contain any toilet humor. In terms of going green, it's key to consider "waste product" cabinets, cabinets made from any kind of board that is created from otherwise under-used materials. There are boards made from discarded sugar cane husks (Kirei boards), old sunflower hulls (biofiber) and even from recycled newsprint. However, the most popular and widely available choice is Wheatboard [source: Ag Magazine].

Wheatboard is a composite wood or "agrifiber" [source: LEED]. Most Wheatboard is a type of pasteboard, made from straw and a binding resin and compressed into sturdy sheets or boards. American farmers produce 150 million tons of straw each year, so Wheatboard can be obtained from local sources in areas where wheat crops are farmed. Even if it's transported the lighter weight cuts down on transport energy and since it's made with low-emission manufacturing techniques, it's an ideal green building choice. In addition, it's particularly resistant to moisture, making it perfect for use in the warm and often steamy kitchen environment [source: Good to be Green].

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