10 Green Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Redone Cabinets
Talk with your contractor about your environmental concerns.
Talk with your contractor about your environmental concerns.
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It isn't easy to renovate kitchen cabinets. In fact, it can be a lengthy, expensive process. For many people, going green with kitchen cabinets is more about fixing the existing problems than starting over from scratch. Here are a couple of fast solutions that will make your cabinets greener while saving you a lot of time and cash:

  • Redesign: If you want a fresh look, consider looking for cabinet face doors and knobs at yard sales, flea markets and online sources like Craigslist and Freecycle. Then recycle your own doors in a similar way. No new wood has been harvested, cut or transported and you'll have a newer-looking kitchen.
  • Repurpose: Consider another recycling strategy by deciding if you can repurpose your kitchen cabinets, either in the kitchen (i.e. turning a bank of cabinets into a glass-door hutch to show off your china) or in another room (transfer old cabinets to be used in the office or even the garage). Then you'll be free to pursue more environmentally-friendly cabinet options.
  • Reseal: One simple way to go green is to address the chemical issue. By applying a low-toxicity sealant to the wood of your cabinets, you'll be locking the formaldehyde away from you and your family. It's easy to apply and will give your cabinets a newly-painted look, too.

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