10 Green Kitchen Construction Materials

Recycled Finishing Touches

Your kitchen has parts that you can easily swap out toward the end of construction or remodeling. An assortment of places to find recycled phones, dish towels, clocks, framed artwork, vases, centerpieces, curtains, lighting fixtures, and even dishes and kitchenware exist today. You can find items to add to your kitchen at garage sales, vintage shops, the Salvation Army and other thrift stores. Additionally, online auction sites and online garage sale sites offer quick resources to find materials in your area.

The biggest benefit you'll notice is that pound for penny, you're getting these kitchen materials cheaply. But as the demand for these recycled goods grows, an added benefit is emerging, and that is that these recycled materials aren't ending up in landfills.

Watch out for online scams, though, especially if you're using a site operated largely based on user postings of sale items. Always use Web sites that offer a refund option or use a moderator to ensure secured sales. You might have to pay a bit more because the site is providing a service, but that service is your safety.

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