10 Questions to Ask Your Green Contractor

What is his whole-home approach?

Locating an experienced, committed green contractor is a start, but a number of specialists must come together to create an integrated, whole-home approach to a truly green build.

While green construction can offer a myriad of benefits, a green component here and there doesn't make a green home. According to Beyond Green Construction, "unless these improvements are considered in the context of the whole house system, they can exacerbate other existing problems or even create new problems."

Each alteration to a green home must be considered in context of the whole-house system. Otherwise, carefully planned efficiencies may be compromised. All aspects of design and construction should support or even improve such things as air quality, temperature flow and insect infestation or mold prevention.

Educated green contractors have this understanding and should be able to rattle off names of green plumbers, HVAC and electrical professionals in their network who may be called upon to assist with the build.

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