Top 10 Cities for Green Construction

San Francisco, Calif.

It's no surprise that San Francisco made the list. The city's 2008 green building code predates the state's CALGreen building laws by two years, and its requirements are even stricter [source: SFDBI]. San Francisco requires all municipal buildings, as well as renovations over 5,000 square feet (464.5 square meters), to receive LEED Silver certification, provides faster permit review for building projects intended to reach higher levels of LEED certification, and bans toxic construction materials and certain types of wood in municipal projects [source: SF Planning Department, SFEnvironment]. As of 2012, the city has 522 LEED projects and at least 248 Energy Star-certified buildings within its geographic limits [source: USGBC, Catacchio]. San Francisco also ranked first out of 30 green building markets in the United States in the 2011 Green Building Opportunity Index [source: Better Bricks].

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