10 Ways Hospital Construction Can Go Green

Make Doing Good Easy

Say the hospital is built and ready for patients to stream through its doors. It's in the perfect spot, it has a state-of-the-art waste and recycling facility, it has new equipment that uses new tools with fewer chemicals and energy drain. New, new, new! Yay!

Unless you've been a nurse or a doctor or a tech for decades and you've always dropped used swabs in one specific place. Now that place has moved. It might seem silly, but these little changes all day long for the sake of those squirrels can add up.

"We know that healthcare is an extremely complex environment, and people are really busy taking care of other people," Brown said. "So whatever intervention we can implement, whether it's recycling or composting or whatever it may be, it has to be easy, it has to be efficient and it has to respect the worker and how busy they are."

In order for a green hospital to stay green, everyone has to see their part in the plan. And if they get stressed out about that whole used swab thing, maybe they can take a break on the rooftop garden.

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