5 Cool Prefab Housing Ideas



There's modular housing, and then there's this.

The LoftCube is a "mobile living unit" that is placed on top of rooftops and can be moved around at will. Imagine a house that can be picked up and moved wherever you want with a crane or a helicopter, and you've got the LoftCube. Can't afford to buy a house or a condo in New York City? Why not put your cube on top of an existing building? Suddenly, you've got a rooftop view on the cheap.

Created by German furniture designer Werner Aisslinger, the LoftCube concept is a compact, rectangular penthouse with windows on each side. They're between 400 and 600 square feet in size, so they're small, but that helps them fit just about anywhere.

Okay, it's pretty cool. But it also sounds like an unrealistic concept, right? Wrong. Since the design was unveiled in 2004, prefab LoftCubes have popped up in gardens and yes, even on rooftops, across the world. One homeowner has a LoftCube installed just north of Beirut with a 360-degree view of the Mediterranean Sea. There are environmental advantages to the LoftCube, too. Since it's built ahead of time and transported all at once, there are fewer waste materials and carbon emissions from shipping.

In this next section, we'll journey down to Austin, Texas, to look at a new and innovative technique for building modern prefab houses.