5 Cool Prefab Housing Ideas


Ma Modular Homes

Not all prefab modern homes have to have way-out-there designs and huge price tags. Down in Austin, the food truck-loving, live music capital of the world, builder KDRB have created eco-friendly prefab modern homes that cost about half as much others on the market.

The houses are called Ma modular homes. The word "ma" comes from a Japanese word that means consciousness of space, or "the serene space in-between." Despite the fancy name, the houses themselves feature pretty down-to-earth construction techniques. They have reflective rooftops, energy efficient windows, bamboo floors and additional "green" features like solar panels and rain water collectors.

The focus here is affordability. Standard Ma homes can be built for about $140 per square foot, which greatly undercuts a lot of other modern homes out there. They're far from plain looking, too. Many of the Ma homes include features like wall-sized windowpanes, wood-paneled walls, huge outdoor decks and rectangular designs.

Ma homes prove that you don't have to be a millionaire to have a cool-looking, sustainable modern house. And now that they're available in 48 states, Ma may just bring modern prefab to the masses.

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