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Ultimate Guide to Earthcraft Homes

Financial Aspects of EarthCraft Homes

Sure, EarthCraft homes are more resource-efficient and good for the environment, but who can afford such an ultra-modern home? The answer may surprise you. When EarthCraft homes are built per the company's guidelines, construction costs are no more than 3 percent higher than the cost of constructing a traditional home [source: EarthCraft House: True Cost of Ownership].

When you include the average savings in energy bills over time, it turns out that EarthCraft homes are actually cheaper than traditional homes that are less energy efficient.


Standard New Home

EarthCraft Home

Home Price (Assumes 10 percent down, 8 percent interest)



Loan Amount



Monthly Payment



Energy Bills



True Monthly Cost



Monthly Savings



source: EarthCraft House and Federal Citizen Information Center

In addition to the energy savings these homes offer, they also allow homeowners to take advantage of tax credits aimed at eco-friendly building. The federal government allows owners of EarthCraft and similar homes to claim a $2,000 credit on their federal income taxes [source: Atlanta Building News].

Many local governments and utilities offer rebates and incentives as well. In Virginia, homeowners are eligible for a $500 state tax credit. In Atlanta, Georgia Power offers annual $300 rebates to EarthCraft homeowners. As more jurisdictions recognize the benefits of green building, these tax programs and incentives will continue to expand.

Finally, there's the increased marketability and value associated with green homes. Many people are eager to do their part to help the environment and are excited to find that they can help simply by purchasing a home. In addition, green homes are quieter and more comfortable than traditional homes due to efficient heating and cooling systems and properly sealed building envelopes. All of these factors make EarthCraft homes more desirable and increase their value when the time comes to sell.

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