Are there green home inspections?

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Author's Note: Are there green home inspections?

Putting the time and effort into constructing (or retrofitting) a home to make it eco-friendly ought to come with a gold star. Redoing our home's original wood floors seemed like a good idea, but after putting in a full day's work and then spending nights ripping up carpeting, pulling out left-behind staples and running a noisy electric sander across dull hardwood floors, our enthusiasm began to wane. Still, after applying the last coat of eco-friendly floor sealer, I couldn't help but feel satisfied. The next time I start in on a project that's not nearly as cut-and-dried as the home improvement shows make it seem, I'm glad I'll know how to get a green home inspection -- and the eye-catching logos that'll give my home an edge when it's time to sell it.

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