Which is more important in green construction: materials or tech?


What does it mean to be green? Green means reduced carbon emissions, lowered energy consumption, and trending away from non-renewable resources for the greener pastures of solar and wind and biofuel. Green means lowering our carbon footprint while developing new methods of construction. Green is good -- but what kind of green is best? In one corner we have green construction materials, eco-friendly products that lesson the environmental impact of building new communities and businesses. These include materials like biodegradable paints, recycled insulation, and natural building substances like hemp and rammed earth.

In the other corner we have cutting-edge technology. These are the innovations that drive us to new discoveries and new methods of powering our society. These are the advanced solar panels, geothermal systems and smart electronics that fundamentally change our lives. but is one category really more important than the other? Let's take a look at how green materials and green technology are influencing the development of construction.

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