Why salvage construction materials?

Author's Note

Recently, my sister-in-law acquired a new hobby -- stopping in at the local resale shop and purchasing old paintings. You know, the kind with elaborate wooden frames. She cleans off the pictures, then paints them with blackboard paint. VoilĂ  -- she now has a decorative blackboard for her kitchen, where she can leave notes for the family. And a small one for the wall, where she can jot down a grocery list. And an immense one for her entryway, which she can place on an easel and use as a sign at parties to proclaim everything from "Happy 80th, Mom!" to "The party's downstairs!" She gave me a small one for my kitchen island, which I use to list the day's supper menu so I don't have to hear, "What's for dinner?" every time the next family member comes home. What a great, creative use of an unwanted item. Next time to you pass a resale shop, stop in and see what you can come up with.

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