Green Construction

Green construction is a hot new trend in building and construction. Green construction involves using recycled materials and utilizing the concepts of sustainable design. As the concepts gain popularity, using them will become second nature.

How to mount a solar panel in 7 steps. Learn how to mount a solar panel in 7 steps with this article.

You'd like to build a magnetic generator as you've heard it's just the thing to provide cheap energy for your house. Read on and learn how to build a small model magnetic generator before you progress to the bigger version.

To be really eco-friendly, you want your roof to be cool, so you'll need one with reflective properties and the best insulation value possible. So what are some of your options when it comes to roofing materials?

A bulky old lamp takes up a lot of space in a landfill. But if it doesn't fit your décor, you've got to do something with it. Is recycling an option? There are a few things to consider.

During the excitement of having your new mattress delivered, you might not care what happens to that old, back-pain-inducing one once it's hauled away – but you should. Although it can sometimes be a bit difficult to do, there are environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your old mattress.

More than 20 million mattresses that fill up American landfills each year. Don't add even one more to the pile. Instead find a more creative way to dispose of your old mattress and keep it out of the landfill.

There are a wide variety of cabinet options available to the environmentally-conscious shopper who wants a green kitchen. You can make your cooking area stylish, highly functional and Earth-friendly … here's how.

To save money, many people are considering alternative heat sources, and wood pellet fireplaces are one possible solution to rising energy costs. But what do you need to know before you head out to buy one of these energy savers?

When the weather turns cold, the first thing on your mind is probably warming up your home. The most common heating choices are central heating and fireplaces, including pellet fireplaces. But are pellet fireplaces the most efficient choice?

Companies in every part of the construction industry are going green, and roofing is no exception. If you want a stylish roof that really stands out, you may want to consider clay roofing tiles. So what makes them a green choice?

You're convinced composting works wonders for gardens. You're also aware of its role in reducing air pollution and extending the life of landfills. But as an apartment-dweller, you've dismissed it as unworkable. Is it really?

Compared to standard heating and air systems, going green is better for the environment -- and your wallet because they use less energy. So what kind of green HVAC systems are on the market today? Read on to find out.

Are geothermal heating and cooling systems really better for the environment? If so, which system uses less energy and can actually save you money?

If you read any home design magazines or Web sites, you know that the biggest projects are often in the kitchen. These days, homeowners are more interested in incorporating green living into this area, and they often start with the countertops.

It's a shame to go to the trouble of researching and buying the most environmentally friendly countertops, only to have them installed with a sealant or mortar that is going to negate all of your good intentions. So is it possible to find a mortar or sealant that is green, as well?

Whether or not you go through the process of getting certified, following LEED guidelines as you build a new home or renovate an existing property can mean significant energy and money savings. But is it worth the extra upfront costs?

Does living in a house with no cold drafts, no temperature variations, and, virtually no heating or cooling bills sound too good to be true? Well it's possible in a passive house. See what some of the other benefits of this building standard are.

In a passive house, winter woes (or summer highs) are a thing of the past. Why? Because they're built to maintain comfortable indoor conditions without a conventional furnace, boiler or HVAC system. Read on to see how.

One of the best places to get guidance on building an eco-friendly home is the U.S. Green Building Council's for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. Better known as LEED, it's designed to help you create a greener place to live.

Clean energy technology is more advanced than ever before and can be as beneficial for your wallet as it is for the Earth. But what exactly is green construction technology?

There's no question going green is good -- but what kind of green is better, green technology or green materials? Or is one even more important that the other?

Low-VOC, zero-VOC and natural paints have been a buzzed-about innovation in home improvement and green building for about a decade. But can you get low-VOC paint for your home's exterior?

Green homes have come a long way from the prototypes (and stereotypes) of the early days. Now you can find eco-friendly architecture that is as attractive as it is comfortable.

Air Krete is a foamed cement used instead of fiberglass or other insulation to keep your house toasty warm in the winter and relatively cool in summer. But what are some other interesting facts about this product?

So you're remodeling your kitchen and want to go green? Well these days you can find eco-friendly options to build the gourmet green kitchen of your dreams.