10 Golden Rules for Saving Money on Construction

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Most Abundant Man-made Material Is Cutting Its Carbon Footprint

Most Abundant Man-made Material Is Cutting Its Carbon Footprint

CarbonCure is trying to mitigate the negative environmental impact of concrete by capturing and using CO2 emissions in the concrete itself.

Author's Note: 10 Golden Rules for Saving Money on Construction

As I'm sure you picked up on in this article, my husband and I have been through quite a few construction projects, big and small. Adding a master bedroom and bathroom along with a guest room and back deck was by far the biggest, but I think that my favorite project we took on was replacing the windows in the older part of our house.

I hadn't really considered what window replacement involved, and it was fascinating to watch the workers pop the old windows right out of the wall and put in the new ones.

You wouldn't think that replacing windows could be a gratifying project, but it really was. Our house was built in 1929, and in the winter when you sat on the living room sofa -- right in front of a large window -- you could actually feel cold air blasting you through the single pane of glass. Our temporary solution was to build a pillow fort in front of the window if we were sitting on the couch on a cold winter evening. Just being able to relax on the sofa in comfort in the middle of January made that project worth the money, and our lower heating and cooling bills were icing on the cake!

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