10 Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

Craft Room Cabinets
To learn more about how to install cabinets anywhere in your home, check out these how-to videos.

Crafts are fun, but the supplies they require can be, well, crafty. If left in disarray, decorative papers, ribbon, glitter and yarn tend to attract other wayward materials -- and before long, nearly every horizontal surface will be populated by past-project debris. Installing a few repurposed kitchen cabinets, however, can help contain the clutter.

You can buy or recycle basic kitchen cabinets to create a roomy workspace. You could install wall cabinets approximately 2 feet (70 centimeters) above your work table to keep supplies within arm's reach. However, if, like many people, your craft kingdom is actually headquartered in a spare bedroom of your home, you may not want to permanently affix the cabinets to the wall.

Simply screw the sides of floor cabinets together and top them with a laminate countertop. You could even customize it to an ideal height that will help you get crafty without hurting your back. Standard cabinets are 30 to 36 inches (76 to 91 centimeters) high; if you prefer something shorter, you could saw off the bottom base of the cabinets (or ask your supplier to do so; most home improvement stores provide cut-to-fit services for a nominal fee). Add casters to make your supply cabinets portable -- and so you'll be able to pull them away from the wall to retrieve kamikaze craft supplies.

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