10 Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

Home Office Shelves

A combination of kitchen cabinets -- or a stand-alone kitchen storage piece, like a china hutch -- can work overtime in a home office. Best of all, you can customize the setup to meet your organizational and storage needs.

Do you wrestle with towers of books and magazines? Feel overwhelmed by ever-multiplying papers and office supplies? Then you'll want to opt for plenty of out-of-sight storage, and one of the best ways to do that is with kitchen cabinetry. Stack half-finished paperwork and those "I'll read them someday" magazines behind closed doors in a floor or wall cabinet. Add a coat of chalkboard paint to a cabinet door to create a handy place for reminders [source: Better Homes and Gardens].

If you appreciate the decorative appeal of open cabinetry, remove the cabinet doors and use baskets or boxes to group smaller items and create aesthetically balanced stacks of reading material. If you'd like to add a whimsical or rustic touch to your office d├ęcor, you could replace the wood panels on your cabinet doors with chicken wire, fabric or plain or textured glass [source: The Inspired Room].