10 Ways to Turn a Construction Pallet Into Beautiful Decor

Bed, Couch and Beyond
Your futon pallet couch could also be of the outdoor variety.
Your futon pallet couch could also be of the outdoor variety.
Courtesy Prudent Baby

Now that you're comfortable in your living room and office with your pretty pallet tables and functional pallet desk, you're probably feeling the need for a nap. Lucky for you, there's a construction pallet with your name on it!

Doesn't sound appealing? Well, you will, at the very least, need a mattress. But the truth is, you don't need to do much more than push a few of the pallets together to make a decent bed frame. If you already have a bed frame that lacks panache, consider painting or staining some pallets and nailing them to the wall for a customized headboard.

If you're looking for a low-cost couch or chair, keep those pallets handy. You should be aware that you might have to deconstruct your pallets before you construct your chair. For instance, to make an Adirondack chair, you might need to disassemble your pallet, cut the lengthwise strips in half, and fashion legs and a back out of the "frame." You can then nail or drill the strips onto the frame [source: TinyYellowHouse].

Even easier? Make a futon couch to lounge on. Simply hinge two pallets together side by side, add some wheels for easy movement, pile a futon mattress on and voila. You've got yourself a pallet couch.