10 Ways to Turn a Construction Pallet Into Beautiful Decor



If you've attempted to conquer paneling your walls or installing wood floors, congrats. You've certainly surpassed crafty territory and headed straight into the land of hardcore DIY. But for those of us who are little less handy and a little more hands-off, you're not out of luck if you have a construction pallet or 19 on your hands.

When staring at your construction pallet and pondering the endless possibilities, your mind probably landed somewhere around "shelving" first. And for good reason; with a little tweaking, pallets are pretty much self-contained shelves that simply need a little creative structural reorganization.

First you'll want to cut your pallet to the height you desire for your shelf (use the part of the pallet with the most slats as the backing). Now use a piece of scrap wood from the part of the pallet you're not cutting to install as a "bottom" of the shelf. Set books, plants, old Prince records or your tax paperwork on the shelf, and you're set.

Another easy way to decorate a wall? Pull those pallets apart, cut and decorate to your desire and use the wood to inexpensively frame your favorite pictures or prints.