10 Ways to Turn a Construction Pallet Into Beautiful Decor


Swing (and) the Fences

Let's start moseying our way outside to see how we can use our pallets in the garden or backyard. Building a fence from leftover pallets is a great way to cut costs on what can be an absurdly expensive endeavor.

There's a couple ways to decorate your backyard with a recycled pallet fence. The first is the easy way, but it means you pretty much have to stick with the height of the pallet you have. All you need to do, in that case, is bolt or nail the pallets together, reinforce them every few feet with a wood or iron support beams a few inches longer at the bottom, and then dig a trench to fill with concrete to plunge the support beams in.

To really get your neighbors jealous, consider making a pretty porch or garden swing made of reclaimed pallet wood. Depending on your pallet, you might need to take off end boards: however you do it, you'll need to have places on both ends of the pallet to tie a rope. Cut a pallet in half, and use the slats on the unused end to fill in the gaps on the end you're using. Using a sturdy rope, you can simply knot the front and back on each side of the swing, bringing each together into a single knot where you've secured ceiling hooks [source: Salisbury]. Better yet, throw the rope over a sturdy limb and use your recycled lumber to enjoy your own tree.