10 Ways to Turn a Construction Pallet Into Beautiful Decor


Pallets for Plants

Pallets can also liven up your outdoor spaces.
Pallets can also liven up your outdoor spaces.
Courtesy Fern Richardson/Life on the Balcony

We're not yet done with our tour of the backyard. Because while fences are useful, there are some more decorative and interesting ways to create a yard decorated with pallets.

First off, don't forget that pallets -- like people -- can be perfect just as they are. That is, you can use pallets in your garden without too much ripping apart, building up and sweating over. One easy approach to pallet gardening is a stand-up pallet planter, where the pallet is actually vertically aligned. By stapling landscape fabric over the back, sides and bottom of the planter, you can then plant flowers -- or even herbs -- in soil between the slats [source: Richardson].

By reclaiming the wood from pallets, you can make a little more heavy duty planter, as well. If you've got a small space, a planter from one pallet can do [source: Crabb]. If your backyard resembles the Queen's Gardens, raised beds can be easily assembled. Simply cut the top (slatted) side of the pallet into four equal boards. Those will be our sides. Fasten them with either wood glue, nails or screw them together. If there's space between your slats, you might want to line your bed with landscape fabric. Now simply fill with soil and plant away.