10 Ways to Turn a Construction Pallet Into Beautiful Decor

A Pallet for Tasteful Art
You can also turn pallets into whimsical art.
You can also turn pallets into whimsical art.
Courtesy Tamsyn Riley/Max and Me Blog

While making raised beds, swings and paneling your wall can sound more headache than handy, do not fear. There are pallet projects for those of us who lack the uber crafty gene. These projects will require not much effort--or design skill--than taking a pallet apart and nailing in hooks.

First up is the ultra-easy wall rack. You can probably picture it: Basically, all you're doing is cutting your pallet (if you'd like it smaller--not necessary though), and taking off the "bottom" side (the side not with the slats). Paint or stain the slats, and add simple hooks wherever you please. Mount it on a wall and have a place to hang your hat [source: Shelterness].

Next up, we're not even dealing with the hooks. We're just taking the pallet apart, and cutting the boards to fit our needs. Want to make a cute rustic looking sign? Reclaim the slats by nailing a few onto a support board underneath. Paint or stencil on a design or phrase [source: Max & Me].

Or take the small piece and create letters out of them. Paint 'em, stick a few on your kids' walls and all of a sudden, you're Crafty Parent of the Year.