10 Clever Ways to Use Concrete to Create a Fire-Resistant Home

Top it Off

Granite, schmanite. Millstone may be the countertop surface du jour, but trying to keep up with the Jonses will only leave you chasing trends, not to mention trading out your new soapstone counters for bamboo six months later. Set your kitchen apart from modern ubiquity with concrete countertops.

In addition to being less costly than granite, marble and the like, concrete provides a smooth, strong, heat and scratch-resistant surface that can be molded to fit any shape and is available in a wide spectrum of color options. When choosing a concrete countertop, homeowners should keep in mind that some of the products used to seal and wax the surface aren't fire-resistant. Also, while the material is relatively inexpensive to purchase, custom casting can be costly [source: Hoffman, Portland Cement Association].

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