5 Tools That Are a Must for a Builder's Toolbox




­There's a good chance that you'll need a saw at some point during a big construction project. It'd be a remarkable achievement if you managed to find all your building materials cut to the exact length and angle that you need for your project. That's why saws make our list.

You're more lik­ely to encounter a builder using a power saw than a traditional manual saw. Table saws and jigsaws are popular tools. But there's a problem with including them on this list: most of them don't fit into a toolbox. In fact, some of them require a large, immobile workstation.

Circular saws are a much more portable option. You might not be able to fit one into a large toolbox, but they aren't very difficult to carry around. You can buy specialized saw blades for circular saws that cut through wood, metal or plastic.

Other saws that are useful include handsaws like hacksaws, miter saws, crosscut saws, coping saws and keyhole saws.