How Marmoleum Works

Linoleum Installation and Maintenance
Although you may choose to do it yourself, you may want to have a professional install your linoleum floor to ensure it's done correctly.
Although you may choose to do it yourself, you may want to have a professional install your linoleum floor to ensure it's done correctly.
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Marmoleum comes in a variety of forms. The first is a long, wide sheet that can be cut to fit any room exactly. It also comes in planks, much like wood flooring, and tiles that can be clicked into place. The material has an installation cost of $2.75 to $3.55 per square foot [source: Forbo].

Although you could install Marmoleum yourself, you may find that a professional installer might be a better choice for several reasons. First, the sub-floor must be level and prepared to accept the flooring before installation. In addition, the sheets are heavy and hard to maneuver, and cutting for a perfect fit requires a certain level of expertise.

If you want patterns or borders, flooring specialists can ensure proper alignment. Seams must be bonded using a heat process, which also requires some training.

Marmoleum requires adhesive to install. There are many varieties available, and the kind of adhesive an installer uses depends on where the floor is located in the home, the moisture content of the room and how much traffic the flooring will receive.

Marmoleum Click, a recent innovation for Forbo, is a floating floor that doesn't require adhesives. Instead, it features a tongue-and-groove system, which makes it easier to install than the original Marmoleum. Forbo suggests having a professional installer handle Click, but with the right tools, an experienced do-it-yourselfer should be able to install the floor.

Cleaning is fairly easy. Early linoleums required regular waxing to keep colors vibrant and the floor looking its best. But Forbo says Marmoleum with Topshield is ready to use and does not require extra topcoats of finish unless the floor is damaged.

While Marmoleum is water resistant, it isn't waterproof. You should wipe up spills immediately to avoid damage and to keep the material bacteria resistant. Regular cleaning includes dry mopping to eliminate dirt and other debris, and damp mopping with diluted Marmoleum Floor Cleaner. Forbo says you should avoid ammonia-based and other harsh cleaning products, which may damage the flooring.

In the event the floor is permanently stained or damaged, you should clean Marmoleum thoroughly. You may also need to apply several coats of Topshield to return the floor to its original state. It's a good idea to apply soft material to the feet of chairs, tables and other furniture on a Marmoleum floor to protect the material from scuffs and scratches.

If you're going to put rugs down on your floor, be sure to use only colorfast, woven area rugs. The chemicals in rubber or latex-backed mats can stain the floor.

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