10 Best Things to Build in to Your Home

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How to Extend an Existing Deck

How to Extend an Existing Deck

Do you know How to Extend an Existing Deck? Keep reading to learn the proper way to Extend an Existing Deck.

Author's Note: 10 Best Things to Build in to Your Home

Choosing what constituted the "best things" to build into a home was a challenge. Everything sounds fantastic to me, probably because I don't have any of them. I'm not really into pool or other games so I could probably do without a game room, but my husband would love it. If I won the lottery and built a new home with no limitations, I'd probably consider doing every one of the things I mention here. Presumably, I'd also have someone (or several someones) to keep my big shiny kitchen, bathroom, playroom and game rooms all tidy. At least they would appreciate the laundry and mudrooms, and enjoy the features of my integrated home electronics.

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