10 Best Things to Build in to Your Home


Professional-grade Kitchen

You may have heard the adage that if you put money into your kitchen or bathroom when building or remodeling a house, you'll get that money back when it comes time to sell. In the current economy all bets are off, but that definitely used to be the case. Even people who don't much like to cook love a high-end kitchen. If you do enjoy cooking and have a "normal" kitchen, you've probably run into the limitations and wished for something better.

Companies that sell to restaurants make five or even six burner ones that you can install in your home. They usually also have the ability to get much hotter than a traditional one, reducing your cook time. Love to grill but wish it were easier? Built-in flat top and traditional grills and even rotisseries can be yours. I love cooking and eating Asian food, so a built-in wok would be fantastic. Cook a lot of pasta? Lugging those big pots over to the sink can be annoying, so install a faucet that swings out over the cooktop.

Who hasn't had to do some serious shuffling and planning for oven space when the holidays roll around and you're trying to cook turkeys, hams and sheets of cookies? Double ovens, warming drawers and convection ovens can all reduce your stress levels. You won't regret making room for other high-end appliances like big dishwashers that clean your plates in minutes or large fridges and freezers. Refrigerated drawers under countertops provide convenient space and are accessible by kids.

Storage is a big issue in all kitchens. Food storage containers, pots and pans, spices, canned goods, can all easily become a jumble in standard cabinetry. That's why kitchen designers are available to create customized cabinets and drawers with a place for everything, including slots for difficult-to-store things like sheet pans and pot lids. You can even have little garages built for countertop appliances like toasters, and spice racks designed just for your personal collection.