10 Major Construction Mistakes


Keeping Quiet When You Have Concerns

You might feel like a nag if you bring up every concern you have during a construction project, but a good contractor will take your questions seriously. You just might catch an expensive mistake! Say you're renovating your kitchen, but when the new countertops arrive, they're not quite the color you were expecting. It's much faster and less costly to swap them out when they first arrive on-site. Once they're installed, you're looking at added labor costs to make the switch, rather than just the waiting period while you or your contractor exchanges it for the product you were expecting. The worst case scenario? You ask about something, and it turns out that everything is fine.

That means you'll need to check in on the work periodically. If you're not living in your home while the construction is going on, it's a good idea to drop in daily, or at least every few days, to see how things are going. If you can't monitor the work but have a little wiggle room in your budget, you might consider a residential designer, who basically acts as your advocate on site and can bring any potential concerns to your attention [source: Kirkwood].