10 Major Construction Mistakes


Poor Communication

Misunderstandings between you and your architect or contractor can cost you money or leave you unhappy with parts of the project. This is another area where you might start feeling like you're over-doing it with the questions and clarifications, but your architect and contractor aren't mind readers. If there's something you don't understand on the plans or in your contract, it's always better to have someone explain it up front. As with nagging doubts during the construction process, you're better off clarifying any questions you may have before work gets started, so there won't be confusion once you break ground.

Most homeowners can't be on-site all day during a renovation, so you want to make sure the contractors have a clear idea of what you want and how they can reach you if questions do come up. If they can't get hold of you to clarify a paint color choice, for example, they may end up making the wrong call. You'll have to either pay to fix the problem or live with a color that you aren't so thrilled about. It's not the end of the world, but when you're paying for a home renovation, you want the end product to be just what you envisioned.

If you check your email frequently, it's probably the best way to communicate with your contractors. Not only can they send you questions without disrupting your day, but you'll have your correspondence in writing in case something goes wrong. Make sure your contractor also has your cell or work number, so he can reach you quickly with timely questions. Not only will that help avoid confusion and mistakes, but quick communication helps keep your project on schedule, because no one will be waiting around for your responses.