10 Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager


Stay on Time

Veteran hard hats often refer to a construction project as "any collection of vaguely related activities that are ninety percent complete, over budget and late" [source: Shaker].

A particular job typically comes with a very specific set of objectives and constraints, where the time in which it should be completed is a key goal. The time period is important because the construction contract often includes money penalties against the builder in the event the project runs late. Time, indeed, is money [source: Hendrickson].

In order to meet an overall construction deadline, the PM must set a specific schedule with a number of deadlines for the various projects that must be completed. The PM must also review the work on a daily basis to ensure that it's timely progressing. If there's a slow down - whether because of weather, an accident or simply a task that takes longer than expected - the PM must make changes to get the job back on track [sources: Exforsys, Shaker].