What is a carport?

Carport Kits

­You can find carport kits for structures that are partially clo­sed or open. Partially enclosed carports are most useful for storing less-often-used vehicles such as trailers, trucks and pickups. They often come with a service room at the rear for storing optional accessories and tools [source: Metal Carports].

You also can buy an open metal carport kit that's big enough for two vehicles or extra tall to accommodate an RV. You can even custom-design a carport to meet your specific needs [source: Harmon].

It's important to measure the site before purchasing a carport or ordering one online. Also, make sure that you have enough clearance to put the kit together. When it arrives, you'll find a cover, fittings and poles, along with directions for assembly [source: Harmon].

Options for roof design will vary. Consider the style of your house, especially if you're attaching the carport to it. Should the roof be angled, gabled or flat? Angled or gabled roofs work best in areas that receive a great deal of precipitation. Angled roofs can also be effective if the carport is going to abut the house. The roof can touch the wall and slope down [source: Harmon].

So now you've read all about carport designs, construction materials and portability options. At this point, you're ready to buy. Check with your insurance agent about auto coverage; you may qualify for a discount for protecting your vehicles from the weather. You may also be able to save a considerable sum of money by looking online for good deals on used carports. Sites like eBay and Craigslist are a good place to start [source: Carmichael].

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