How Home Floor Plans Work

Modular Home Floor Plans

­It can be frustrating waiting for home construction to wrap. It gets pricey, too. You've been paying­ the crew and buying materials, piecing it all together little by little. And if you­ live near the construction site, you sure won't miss those 6 a.m. hammer-and-saw wakeup calls. That's why many people turn to modular homes.

Modular homes are built in sections (or modules) at a factory and then moved to the home site. This cuts down on the on-site construction, making it more cost-efficient. At one time or another, you've probably gotten stuck behind one of the wide-load trucks with a half-finished house on the back. That's a piece of someone's modular home.

The floor plans for these homes must vary from the norm to accommodate their transportation and final construction needs. They have to be organized in a way that the house can be easily broken down into sections small enough to fit onto the back of a truck. This often results in narrow rooms and a lot of support structures. At the same time, these homes still need to accommodate their future dwellers. Drawing out plans specific to both needs can be a challenge, but modular homes have proven to be a popular means of home ownership.

So you understand floor plans a bit better now, as well as the difference between homes built on-site, mobile homes and modular homes. Now the next time you need to move, you can make an informed decision and take an active role in forming any necessary floor plans.

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