How to Install Gutter Guards

Tips For Installing Gutter Guards

Next comes the fun part: installing your new gutter guards. Before pulling out your tools, carefully read the installation instructions, and make sure that it's a job you're up for. Only professionals can install certain gutter protection systems because they're custom fitted to each home. So make sure that you're capable of installing your gutter guards before getting up on the ladder.

One of the easiest types of gutter guard to install is the snap-on, one-size-fits all variety. Because they fit on virtually any type of gutter and are relatively inexpensive, snap-on gutter guards are quite popular. For the weekend warrior, snap-on gutter guards are attractive because you don't need to pull out the power drill or screwdriver, but because they aren't tailored to your specific gutters, they may not deliver the best results.

For an even easier installation process, you can choose a gutter guard that rests inside the gutter. For those products, you don't even need to snap them in; all you need to do is measure them, cut them and set them inside your gutters (after cleaning them out, of course). It's difficult to argue with that!

Another common type of gutter guard is held in place by roof shingles and fastened down at the front edge of the gutter. The Gutterglove, the high-tech stainless steel mesh gutter guard we addressed in the previous section, uses this design. The backside of the Gutterglove doesn't need to be screwed in place because the shingles hold it down, but the front will need to be screwed to the front of your existing gutter. The Gutterglove also requires finger fasteners to connect each section together, which are connected with a thin strip of caulk.

Of course, if getting up on the roof and messing around with screws, fasteners and caulk sounds a little too daunting, you can always hire gutter technicians to come install them for you. Whether you want to install them yourself or hire someone else to do it for you, make sure to ask how a particular product is installed before investing in new gutter guards.