How to Tile a Shower Floor

Tiles are great for the floor of your new shower. After you've, taken measurements, installed all the plumbing and waterproofing for your shower, you'll be ready to install a tile floor.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Ceramic floor tiles
  • Spacers
  • Tile adhesive
  • Tile grout
  • Tile sealer

Here's what to do:

  1. Lay out your tiles Before you start installing the tiles you need to see how the tiles fit in the shower and how they line up with the drain. Lay out your tiles exactly they way you want them to look in the shower [source: Kay]. Use spacers to create room for the grout [source: Do It Yourself].
  2. Cut the tiles to fit Your tiles probably won't fill the entire shower floor as they are, so you'll need to cut some. If you want to lay your tiles diagonally, you'll need to cut many of them in half to go around the edges. Lay the tiles back in place to check your work [source: Kay].
  3. Cut out the drain Cut out the hole for the drain one tile at a time. Lay the tiles back down to verify that your cuts are flush to the drain [source: Kay].
  4. Glue the tiles down Starting around the drain, apply adhesive to one tile at a time and then lay it back in place [source: Kay]. Keep the spacers between the tiles. Allow enough time for the adhesive to set before grouting [source: Donovan].
  5. Grout the joints Remove the spacers and cover the tiles with grout. Make sure the grout fills all the spaces between the tiles.
  6. Clean up and let dry Wipe up all the excess grout with a damp cleaning rag or sponge. Let the grout dry for 24 hours [source: Donovan].
  7. Seal the grout Seal the grout and the tiles with tile sealer, making sure to follow the manufacturer's directions [source: Donovan]. //]]]]> ]]>