How to Survive a Major Remodel

Protecting Property During a Major Remodel

You may be revamping just a portion of your home's interior, but you'll need a plan for the rest of your home, too. From protecting furniture and floors to placing fragile items out of harm's way, there's plenty to do before the remodelers arrive.

Start by identifying the rooms that will be affected by the remodeling project and deciding whether you'll store furniture in another part of your home (the garage is a prime candidate) or in an offsite storage unit. Either way, you'll want to cover your sofa, dining table or credenza with plastic to protect them from dust, water damage and surface scratches.

Place the contents of cabinets and drawers into sturdy moving boxes, along with wall hangings and other items. Organize the contents of each box by location, function or fragility, and label them specifically. For example, "photo albums, board games and children's books" is a much more effective label than "living room." Plan either to move these boxes into another room or into offsite storage for the duration of the project.

Allow a few exceptions as you pack, so you don't make often-used items inaccessible. This seems like simplistic advice, but if you box up the contents of your kitchen cabinets and then realize you can't find your coffee pot or "Dad of the Year" mug, you'll be in for a hassle. Set aside the items and equipment essential to your everyday life, as well as a few creature comforts. For example, if you just can't get to sleep without first snacking on cereal out of your favorite bowl, then don't put it in months-long storage.

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