How to Survive a Major Remodel

Author's Note

For years, the National Association of Home Builders has ranked kitchens and bathrooms among its top homeowner-requested projects. These popular renovations can be pricey. The national average for a major kitchen remodel is $58,000, but could easily reach more than $100,000 if high-end cabinetry and appliances are included. Bathrooms can cost almost as much as kitchens, even though they're only a fraction of the size.

One thing's for certain, remodeling requires commitment, and it's not only because of the price tag. We once stacked most of our furniture into one room so we could remove the carpets and uncover the hardwood floors in our starter house, a 1920s bungalow. We'd planned to sand and seal the floors in a weekend, but after discovering hundreds of staples that had to be pulled by hand, it actually took a couple of weeks. And after eating take-out dinners on makeshift chairs made out of buckets for longer than I care to recall, it's beginning to dawn on me that if I'd followed some of the advice in this article, I would have been far better prepared.

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