Construction Projects

Construction projects range from easy tasks, such as building wooden stairs, to difficult tasks, like installing a garage door. Construction projects tend to go more smoothly when the builder has the right tools, materials and plans at hand.

During a major remodel, there are few things that matter more than your sanity. Such a drastic shift in daily life can be stressful -- how do you deal with it?

The deck is the perfect outdoor entertaining space in any home. But what happens when furniture and house guests take up too much space? It's time to stretch that deck out a little.

If you study a brick wall, it looks simple enough. It's just a stack of bricks and some mortar to hold everything together, right? The job takes a bit more experience than you'd think.

Sure, you can remove most walls, but if you try to remove a load-bearing wall, your entire house could come crashing down around you -- or will it?

To be your own GC or not to be? That is the question. We'll explore why some people decide to oversee their own home renovation projects -- and why others choose to leave it to the professionals.

Windows are a big part of a home's appeal, so it's always good to know how to replace them when they're getting run-down. We'll walk you through the ins and outs of window selection and installation in this article.

More than just a couple nails here and a few screws there, a construction project is a complex commercial enterprise that draws on a variety of workers, tools and materials. At the helm is a construction project manager.

The real estate market has been shaky for a while now, and homeowners are doing everything they can to get their homes on more solid financial ground. Is a remodeling project the way to do it?

Cleaning gutters is certainly no fun, but it's a job that has to be done. Unless you have gutter guards, and then it's a job that you have to do a lot less. We'll show you how to install them.

The simplest ingredients -- stone, gravity, ingenuity -- still create, for some of us, the most perfect solution for building. Get ready to assemble your own long-lasting stone masterpiece.

Dreaming of busting up that large room you never use and turning it into two smaller ones? Here are some best practices for putting up an interior wall, no matter what sort of space you're starting out with.

These days, homeowners have add-on options that previous generations could only dream of. From integrated electronics to secret rooms, we'll scope out 10 of the best.

The identical ranks of cookie-cutter neighborhoods have been immortalized (and often satirized) in American pop culture, but who first came up with the idea for these "little boxes on the hillside?"

While some people use the terms "general contractor" and "construction manager" interchangeably, these are actually two different jobs. What specific role do construction managers play in building projects big and small?

Removing interior walls can open a room up, reshape a living space or create that dream closet. But there's a lot more to it than busting out a sledgehammer or crowbar. What does it take to tear down an interior wall safely?

The words "housing crisis" have been on everyone's lips for nearly half a decade, but the residential construction industry seems to be improving. However, is the rate of that recovery something to worry about?

You want to tile a shower floor, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to tile a shower floor in this article.

You need to level a rough concrete floor. Find out here just how to level a concrete floor.

Contractors hire subcontractors, experts on each part of a construction project, because it's cheaper than having an extensive staff on the payroll. Learn why your contractor doesn't have his own staff in this article.

Rushing a construction project can lead to leaky roofs, basement flooding, cracked foundations, leaky windows and mold. Learn about the possible consequences of rushing your construction project in this article.

You may be sitting in your house this very second, but do you have any idea what it took to build it? From foundation to framing, these home construction pictures will show you the stages of building a house.

Driving up next to a limousine with dark tinted windows can make you wonder if there's an actor or athlete inside. While they're usually looking for privacy, the same tints are being applied to home windows -- but for very different reasons.

Pole barns are some of the simplest and cheapest structures to build. Do you have what it takes to construct your own?

Building stairs is a tough job, even if it's just a short porch staircase. You should attempt it only if you have carpentry experience and feel comfortable with the project.

Wheelchair ramps allow disabled people access to places they might not otherwise be able to go. Read up on how to build one safely and correctly.