Top 5 Painting Supplies

Painting a room takes a little bit more than some brushes and elbow grease!
Painting a room takes a little bit more than some brushes and elbow grease!
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Painting can seem like such an easy task for the weekend warrior. A gallon of paint, a couple of brushes and you can give your home a whole new look. Unfortunately, while painting itself may be easy, getting great results is not. Those who head into a painting project without the proper tools often find themselves with walls that are streaky, peeling and uneven. Worst of all, they'll usually find themselves repeating the process months later, or paying big bucks to hire a professional.

A great coat of paint starts with selecting the right tools for the job. Choosing higher quality tools will often produce dramatically better results than simply using an old brush you find in the garage. They not only help you to apply coatings more smoothly, they make the job easier on your body, and result in less wasted paint.

Beyond choosing the right tools for application, it's also important to protect your property from paint drips and splatters. That quick and affordable DIY paint job can quickly lead to hundreds of dollars in cleaning bills if you neglect to properly cover floors and furniture. Splattered paint from exterior jobs can also ruin your lawn and plants, making drop cloths a must for both indoor and outdoor paint jobs.

Before you paint, it's also critical to use primer to prepare your walls. Those who skip this step, or use the wrong primer for the job will find that their results looking quite different than they expected. Improper priming can lead to streaking, undesired textures, and a lot of wasted paint.

When choosing tools and supplies for your next project, consider the relatively small investment in time and money compared to the long-lasting results you hope to achieve. Take the time to do it right, and you'll enjoy the results of your work for years to come. Read on to learn how to select the proper tools for your next paint job.