Painting Exteriors

Painting exteriors can seem like an immense task. "How am I going to get paint all the way up there?" you might be asking. "And in the sun?" However, exterior painting is not as difficult as you might think, provided you know the right steps to speed the process along.

Painting exterior trim is a surefire way to make the outside of your house look new and fresh.
Painting exterior trim is a surefire way to make
the outside of your house look new and fresh.

The previews at the bottom of this page will take you to articles that explain all the elements of painting exteriors, from fixing and cleaning surfaces to putting paint on siding and trim. With the help of these pages, you'll be able to turn your house into your very own giant canvas. Here's a look at the topics we cover:

Identifying Paint Problems
If you're trying to fix old painting flaws, you should make sure you know what caused them in the first place. This article will help you spot common paint errors.

Paint Troubleshooting
Once you find problems, learn how to fix them and make sure they won't recur in your new paint job.

Removing Old Paint
Sometimes it isn't enough to paint over the existing finish. Learn how to get rid of old paint jobs quickly and safely.

Exterior Painting Preparation
Gutters leak. Siding cracks. Light fixtures blocks your way. Take inventory of all the little chores that need to be looked after before you can pop open that can of paint.

Washing Exteriors
You always want a clean surface to work with when painting. Here's some advice on how to give yourself a dirt-free surface as your canvas.

Resetting Popped Nails
Over time, nails can come loose or rust. Put those nails back in their place with these instructions.

Covering Shrubs
Foliage can get in the way of work outside, but you don't have to chop them down. Keep your outdoor plants protected with these tips.

Painting Siding
Get down to the nitty-gritty of painting your house with this article, which lays out the best way to get started.

Painting Exterior Trim
It's hard to be speedy when fixing up the trim of your house, but these suggestions can make the process zip along.

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