Top 10 DIY Safety Tips

Be Careful Around Electricity
Not such a good idea.
Not such a good idea.
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The electrical current in your home is powerful enough to kill you. There, we said it. Electricity can kill you if you're not careful, and even though everyone knows this in theory, it's easy to make a stupid mistake -- with tragic results. Keep these electrical safety tips in mind:

  • Electricity and water don't mix.
  • Use a voltage meter to make sure whatever you're planning to repair isn't getting any electrical current.
  • Never perform electrical work when standing on an aluminum ladder.
  • When working with electricity, wear rubber soled shoes or work on a rubber mat.
  • Don't use tools in damp conditions unless they're connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Never bypass the on/off switch of a piece of equipment by using the power cord instead.
  • Never use tools with frayed cords or disabled guards.

If all this sounds scary to you, consider hiring a professional instead of performing electrical repairs yourself.

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