Top 10 Mistakes in Kitchen Design


Too Trendy

Going too trendy with the design of your kitchen could turn off future buyers.
Going too trendy with the design of your kitchen could turn off future buyers.

So, you've decided on a style, evaluated your space and settled on a budget. Now you're ready to get started, right? Well, not quite. One other thing you should consider is the fickle nature of fate. Pomegranate may be the most stylish color around this season, but chances are that in five years, those luscious red hues are going to look garish and dated. Most trendy designs have a short half-life, and when they're out, they're really out. Where kitchen design is concerned, wood finishes and trims, countertop colors and materials, flooring styles and just about everything else can be an expression of the current fashion. Even if you're sure that red will be your favorite color forever, your circumstances may change and when you move, the new owners may not share your passion.

Another thing you should think about is where you want to spring for those big dollar items. Some kitchen investments will certainly add to the overall value of your home, but there are a few exceptions. If you install that ritzy commercial stove you've been lusting after, you may not get your money back from the investment. Worse, when you sell your home, it could be considered a disadvantage. Not everyone is into cooking, and investing in high-end equipment might be important to you, but don't count on recuperating the expense. If home improvement with an eye toward selling is your goal, stick to updates with a price tag that's appropriate to the neighborhood in which your home is located, has a style that's in keeping with the rest of your home and will suit the tastes of people in your area.