10 Ways to Create a Modern Kitchen


Overhaul the Range

Streamline the stovetop, too.
Streamline the stovetop, too.

Is your stove so begrimed and encrusted with gunk that the idea of having someone haul it away has you smiling into your pot pie? Well, step into the modern age with a whiz-bang range that will give your kitchen an instant update and show your mother-in-law that you do know the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

One of the biggest trends in stoves these days focuses on quick, energy-efficient food prep. The induction cooktop is getting a lot of press right now because it typically delivers the precise heating you'd expect from gas heat, but at a 60 percent energy savings. Convection and steam ovens are two options that offer energy savings and free you from the browning and baking limitations of a microwave while still preparing food fast. If you want special equipment refinements like an onboard grill, a proofing drawer or a built-in griddle for those game time quesadillas, there are mix and match ranges around for you, too.