10 Ways to Create a Modern Kitchen


Go Electronic

Whoever said you can't have a flat screen in the thick of the action? You can put one on your boat, in your van and even take one camping. You can install one in your cozy kitchen, too. Sure, you can mount a harness and place a television under a cabinet or put a portable unit on top of the fridge, but why not go high tech and buy a built in?

A few years ago, a refrigerator came on the market with a 13-inch monitor built right into the door. Now that's ingenuity. While you're dicing onions, you can cry along with the folks on "Grey's Anatomy" or keep up with your "American Idol" favorites. Although that most popular model has been discontinued, the concept is way too cool to stay on the shelf for long. Start a write-in campaign. The kitchen is a prime spot for a bowling-with-milk-bottles Kinect game, or even an under the counter karaoke machine.