10 Ways to Create a Modern Kitchen

French Your Fridge
Your fridge can be the focal point.
Your fridge can be the focal point.

If you've ever crammed a large pizza box into your side-by-side refrigerator at such a steep angle that the toppings ended up at the bottom of the box, you've experienced firsthand the limitations of some refrigerator designs. There are always items that are too wide or big to fit comfortably. Enter the newest, très chic way to chill your foodstuffs: the French door refrigerator.

Remember those 1930s movies where the heroine opens a set of French doors and floats out to a picturesque patio, leaving a gaping opening you could fit a piano through? A French door design provides enough space for your cookie sheet, crudité platter or the brining goose your husband insists is the only way to cook a bird (Emeril said so). Because you'll often be opening only one door, there may be energy savings with this design, too -- and it can fit in spots where a full sized door just won't work. If you want a flexible, modern fridge design, this one's deserves a look.