Bamboo Lamp

Homemade bamboo lamps are the perfect addition to your home.
Homemade bamboo lamps are the perfect addition to your home.
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These handmade bamboo lamps are a chic way to shed some light on any room in the house. Stagger a few in a cluster and the effect is even more dramatic.


  • one sheet of 1-inch plywood
  • a few sheets of reed or bamboo
  • a jigsaw
  • a lighting kit
  • copper weather-stripping nails
  • a hammer and swag


  1. Begin with a sheet of 1-inch plywood. Use a tape measure to draw two 4 x 4 squares. On both of the squares, draw another square 1 inch inside the original lines.
  2. Take one of the squares and cut along the lines with a jigsaw. Then drill small holes sporadically inside that second square (the second square will be the top piece. The holes will allow heat from the lightbulb to escape).
  3. Next, lay the sheet of bamboo on a flat surface. Place the two cut-out square pieces flush on each corner of the sheet.
  4. Roll the bamboo up to cover one edge of each piece of wood. Hammer the bamboo into place with a copper weather-stripping nail. Continue rolling the bamboo around the wood square, hammering nails as you go.
  5. When the squares are completely covered, attach the lighting kit and the swag to hang the lamp from the ceiling.

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