What do French country kitchens look like?

Does this suit your French country tastes?
Does this suit your French country tastes?

If you're trying to imagine a French countryside, think of Provence: valleys teeming with fruit orchards, wooded hills brimming with oak and pine trees, the quaint villages full of ancient stone and brick, and of course, you can't forget the expanse of lavender fields that bloom in June and July.

These are the elements that influence the color palette of a French country kitchen. Walls are often neutral colors (think off-whites or beiges and taupes) because the typical French country kitchen would have walls made of stone and clay. If you're a lover of color, have no fear. These rooms are far from boring. Exposed beams offer a rustic touch, and accent colors range from bright yellows and blazing reds to cobalt blues, bright greens and deep purples. Floors are rustic and aged, created with materials like ceramic tiles or flagstone. Wood floors are also common, and parquet patterns give it an Old World look.

French country is casual and comfortable, so think charming but without formalities. Furniture would be handcrafted, made of wood with simple details, and lighting fixtures are typically brass or iron with simple designs. Rustic is the name of the game with this decorating style, so any signs of age only add to the charm of the room.