How to Make a Hanging Lamp

You can add some flair to your interior decor by designing your own hanging lamp. You can use anything from recycled glass bottles to dollar store placemats to finely carved wood to make the perfect hanging lamp for your room. Let your creative juices flow and follow these basic steps to make a hanging lamp.



  • Pull-chain light socket
  • Long indoor extension cord, two-pronged, the thinner the better
  • Insulated staples
  • A homemade decorative shade

What you do:

  1. Design a decorative lampshade to hang from your ceiling. Don't make it too heavy, and make sure you have a way to attach it to the base of the light socket assembly you'll be hanging.
  2. Cut the outlet (the female end) off the extension cord. Split 2 inches (5 centimeters) of the cut end down the middle to separate the two insulated wires.
  3. Carefully strip the insulation off each split end of the cable. Twist the exposed wires slightly so all the little strands of metal are together.
  4. Take apart the light socket. There are four basic parts: top cap, outer casing, cardboard shell and socket.
  5. Slide the top cap onto the extension cord and down out of the way.
  6. Loosen the two screws on the socket. Twist one wire around each screw, and then tighten the screws so the wires stay in place.
  7. Put the light socket assembly back together with the extension cord attached. Plug in a light bulb and test the socket. If it doesn't work, cut the extension cord again and start over.
  8. Hang the working light socket assembly from the ceiling with insulated staples. Run the extension cord across the ceiling and down a wall to an electrical outlet. Use enough insulated staples around the light socket assembly to support the weight of your lampshade [source: Follett-Campbell, Fox].