The Lamper (Lamp and Hamper)

Get creative with this lamp-hamper light combo.
Get creative with this lamp-hamper light combo.
Nichola Evans/Getty Images

Combining a floor lamp and a hamper, the Surprise by Design team created a dual-purpose lamp that is both useful and illuminating.  Now, you can too!


  1. Find a floor lamp that you would like to use as the base for your Lamper. Lamps that work best are fairly simple in design. Ideally, you should use ones with non-tapered poles and wooden bases, as they fit best in the hamper.
  2. Find a hamper that has a lid and is large enough to hold your floor lamp. If your lamp's base is too large, you can cut it (for lamps with wooden bases).
  3. Place the lamp into the hamper.
  4. Measure out where the lamp pole sits in the hamper.
  5. Mark on the lid of the hamper where the pole will stick through.
  6. Cut the top of the lid.
  7. Remove the lampshade and slip the lid of the hamper onto the lamp.
  8. Reattach the shade and your lamper is complete.

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