Lantern Candle Sconce

Combine a candle and a sconce for this unique lighting.
Combine a candle and a sconce for this unique lighting.
Jupiter Images/Thinkstock

Sometimes on Surprise by Design, an entire project is developed by finding a series of purchases that work together. That is exactly what this project is all about. Using a series of found objects, Robert created a candle sconce that will warm up any interior.


  • a large decorative hook
  • a multiple matted frame with removable glass
  • a small glass lantern with handle.


  1. First, determine where to hang the lantern.
  2. Mount the hook on the wall. Robert selected a white metal hook to blend in with the room. He mounted it on a block of white painted wood to project the hook farther from the wall.
  3. Once the hook is up, remove the glass from the frame. Hot glue the multiple mattes and the frame together so it doesn't move.
  4. Thread the hook through the mattes in the frame and mount the frame on the wall with two nails or screws.
  5. Hang the lantern from the hook and light the candle. Repeat the steps for as many sconces as you wish to make.